To talk to the team, call 01633 852373 Pop along to look around with one of the team - You only need to see how at home the children are to know your child will thoroughly enjoy their time with us.

Child Safety - Chuckles Nursery Newport

At Chuckles Nursery Newport we are devoted to child safety and providing a safe and secure environment for all the children, our vigilant staff ensure that all the children can play and learn safely and undisturbed during their time at chuckles.

The team and children are monitored and recorded each day by 16 CCTV cameras. The monitor is in the main office and only parents of children attending the Nursery will be allowed to view it. We use this facility to monitor the team for training purposes, to verify any queries in relation to any incidents within the premises and also for new parents to see that their child is settling in. The recordings are done within the system and deleted after 7 days.

We hope this can in a way show you how confident we are in our team and what they do.

Each term we carry out Fire Drills which the children take part in. They are real life scenarios to ensure the team members not only know how to get the children out safely but that they know what to do in a variety of situations.

We also carry out monthly Accident Drills which again are real life scenarios (improvising with dolls) to ensure everyone remains current and confident about what they would do in the event of a child being hurt or becoming ill.