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Aprils Newsletter - Chuckles Nursery Newport

Aprils Newsletter




We did it again!!!!! 👏 👏 👏 We made the Top 20 Recommended Nursery in Wales list with Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write such lovely reviews and well done Team Chuckles!!!


Nominate a staff member – Don’t forget if you would like to give a team member a big “wahoo” for our board simply write the team members name, your child’s name and the reason why on a piece of paper and post it into our post box 😊

Parent question of the month

How happy are you with the range of activities your child takes part in?

*Don’t forget you can e-mail your responses to or if you have any other suggestions we also love to hear them!!

 Easter Craft Sessions/ Sports sessions and Cooking sessions – We’d like to thank everyone that came along to our parent sessions, we hope that you all enjoyed them as much as we did!

Sun cream (Yes, we are very hopeful that the sun may make an appearance soon!!)

We’re hoping that the sun is going to have his hat on soon and we’ll be able to spend lots of time outdoors. So can you please ensure that if the weather does get hotter:

1.      Your child comes in with sun cream already applied so it has time to work into the skin.

2.     That children staying for full morning/afternoon sessions (5 hours)have sun cream left at Nursery so we can re-apply it as the day progresses


Emergency contact details – Can all parents please ensure that we have up to date contact details for yourselves and your emergency contact number.


Group News

     Little Bunnies & little cubs (0-2 years)     Smashing Smilers (2-3yrs)

We will be continuing our topic this month and learning all about spring and growing J We’re all going to be out in the garden looking to see what bugs we can find and doing lots of fun activities to learn all about them, so if you’re out in the garden or at the park see what bugs you can find living in the grass or under stones – you could even take a picture and email it to  for the children to show their friends at circle time.


 Happy Helpers Chatty Chucklers (3-4 years olds)

This month we will be learning all about plants and flowers and how they grow and reading all about Jack and his beanstalk, we hope we can grow one as big as his!!–. We will then be hunting around in our garden to see what mini-beasts live there and learning all about them – why not look in your garden or the park at home to see what lives there too – if you find any take a picture and email it to and your child can show their friends at circle time J



Have you seen our “Welsh words of the week posters” they are up around the nursery and also posted on our Facebook page Chuckles Nursery Newport so you can get practicing at home (and avoid having to do squats when your children catch you out J Also Why not follow us on Twitter – @ChucklesFun and see all the fun things are children have been up to 😊


Pre-school parent meetings – The pre-school team will be inviting all parents of the children leaving us to go to school this year to come in for a short meeting to discuss their child’s progress and also answer any questions regarding the transition to school. You will receive a letter giving you an allotted time to come in and see us, if this time is not convenient please speak to our team and we will try our best to re-arrange.


 Telephone Queries – Can we please ask that you keep all telephone queries until after 9am unless urgent as we are very busy between 8am and 9am helping the children with breakfast, or alternatively use the e-mails above to contact us if your query is not urge


Holidays – Holiday season is almost upon us , just to clarify for those of you that are not aware of how your bill works when you take holidays. We work out your monthly bill and allow you two weeks at half price for holidays, this means that you monthly bills are calculated over 51 weeks instead of 52, so when you do take holidays your bills are still payable as normal.


Nursery and Welsh playgroup session availability – We still have sessions available for our Cylth Meithryn sessions (2-year olds) – If you know anyone that would like a place please ask them to contact us asap. Unfortunately, we do not have any funded nursery places left for January or April, but we do still have availability for September 18.



Notice Board – The girls often put up notices for you to read relating to your child’s group so a quick glance when dropping off or collecting your child will make sure you don’t miss anything important.




 We want to know what you think…… We would really like to know if you have any ideas for new things we could try or if you have any suggestions for improving existing services or the nursery in general so please feel free to e-mail ideas to us 😊


Until next Time……….



Team Chuckles