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Reports - Chuckles Nursery Newport

Quality of Care Review
Part of the CSSIW inspection process is that we evaluate our service and produce and publish a report each year Annual Quality Of Care Review 8 July 2017


Small Workplace Health Award – Bronze and Silver 

This is a Welsh Government initiative to award businesses who promote health and well being in the work place. We were awarded Bronze in 2015, Silver 2016 and next we are going for Gold. Chuckles Day Nursery Silver SWHA Assessment March 2016

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Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) (since 1999)
CSSIW is the regulator for social care and social services in Wales, from child minders and nurseries to homes for older people.
They do this by :
• Provide independent assurance about the quality and availability of social care in Wales
• Safeguard adults and children, making sure that their rights are protected;
• Improve Care by encouraging and promoting improvements in the safety, quality and availability of social care services
• Inform policy, standards and provide independent professional advice to the people developing policy, the public and social care sector.
In the childcare sector, they inspect full day each year unannounced against the National Minimum Standards and a report is published.CSSIW Inspection Report Nov 14

Estyn (which is the Welsh version of Ofsted, a name that people seems to recognise more due to the news) (since 2009)
Estyn is the office of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales. They are independent of, but funded by, the National Assembly for Wales. The purpose of Estyn is to inspect quality and standards in education and training in Wales. Basically, they promote the spread of best practice in education and training for the age of the children in our care, known as the Foundation Phase. Inspections take place every 6 years and reports are published.

Chuckles Nursery although a private Nursery is also classed as Non Maintained Setting (NMS). NMS are play groups and private day nurseries who are registered with the Newport City Council and they are expected to meet certain criteria in order to be registered and inspected by ESTYN, the same criteria that all schools in Wales must meet and are inspected by.

Being registered means we can apply to the Local Authority for funding on behalf of children aged 3 years which in turn is then reimbursed to you. To be registered we must show detailed and careful planning for children’s education, provide a very high standard of child care and the team will have access to the same training and support that nursery teachers in schools are offered.

Please note that attending a private setting instead of the Nursery attached to the school will not impact on your child being able to go to a particular school. Admission guidelines are based on firstly children with a statement of educational needs and looked after children and then those in catchment. Where they went to Nursery has no impact at all.  Chuckles Nursery Estyn Report 2015


Investors in People (IIP) (since 2003)
Investors in People is a management framework to encourage high performance through people. Accreditation is recognised across the world as a mark of excellence.The aim is to optimise performance by supporting best practice in people management and giving them the skills/tools to succeed. To achieve the Investors In People Standard we are assessed every 3 years and reports are publishedChuckles Nursery IiP Review Report July 2014

Quality Assurance (since 2007)
Chuckles Nursery is a member of the Wales Pre-school & Playgroup Association (Wales PPA),where we maintain Quality Assured Accreditation in providing quality care, education and management practices

Other organisations we are registered with are National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) and Clybiau Plant Cymru for our Holiday Club.

We are also a member of the NCYPP (Newport Children and Young Peoples Partnership) Lisa currently sits as Chair on this board representing Non Maintained settings in Newport.